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daily life



Daily Life

October 7, 2016

Friday No. 2


1. I swapped out my ‘desk’ yesterday for this cozy wooden piece instead and am loving it! I had been using a 6-foot long Ikea tabletop resting on storage cubes from Michaels for a few years and was ready for something sweet and simple. The long workspace was nice for big projects but it was often becoming a catch-all for clutter in the in-between. This new desk was found by my grandparents in a rubbish section of their condo building, perfectly fit for a new home!



2. Pre-orders for Southern Weddings V9 began yesterday! I was so excited that I placed my order right away and then watched their Facebook live video where they shared lots of little sneak peeks. They shared that they will be hopping on every Thursday at noon until V9 launches on November 10th.



3. I’ve been following along with the Magnolia Market Silobration preparation and festivities and it looks like such a fun event! They introduced each of their vendors in their story feed yesterday through which I found some new lovely products, and a few familiar brands! Their bakery also announced their fall cupcake flavors this week, campfire and pumpkin spice (yum!). I would love to visit the Silos someday.



4. Emily Ley hosted her virtual book signing on Wednesday night and it made me even more excited for the launch of Grace, Not Perfection next week! I tucked myself away in a quiet corner of my church to watch the first bit of the fun as the student ministry was wrapping up and was thankful to see that Emily posted a recording of the entire signing here). She answers lots of questions about the heart behind her book and it gave a sweet glimpse into the goodness to come within the pages.

5. Dillon and I continued our tradition of our weeknight Chipotle date, something we’ve been enjoying weekly since springtime. Every month or so we submit a note of appreciation to corporate for the good service we receive from the team at our local restaurant, which Dillon is typing in the picture above. The team recognizes us each week and thoughtfully blesses us with complimentary food from time to time for being such frequent guests, so we like to pay it forward with the notes to customer service.

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  1. Kristi @ Happily Ever Griedls

    October 9th, 2016 at 9:12 pm

    Love your new workspace!

  2. Kyla Fetzner

    October 10th, 2016 at 10:49 am

    Thanks so much Kristi!