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November 1, 2016

PowerSheets Pre-Orders Open Today!

Friends, pre-orders for the 2017 PowerSheets open in the Cultivate What Matters shop (formerly the Lara Casey Shop) today! I have been using this product for almost three years now, and I am excited to share an inside look into this powerful tool today.


All photos graciously shared from Cultivate What Matters.

What are PowerSheets? Cultivate What Matters explains that “PowerSheets are the ultimate intentional goal planner! They were designed to help you uncover the things that are most important to you and create POWERFUL goals that are meaningful and action-driven. Traditional goal setting hasn’t worked for us, so we created a goal planner that focuses on what matters most. With PowerSheets, big ideas have come to life, new ideas have changed lives, fear has been let go, businesses have been started, marriages have been strengthened, and best of all: the little moments that matter have been savored. PowerSheets enable you to start living on purpose.”

Why should I use PowerSheets? Having just attended Lara Casey’s conference two weeks ago, I can speak confidently to the potential that can be harnessed through setting meaningful goals and digging deep to uncover what matters most to you. They are such a helpful tool in accomplishing that well. I appreciate that the workbooks make goal setting fun, replacing the overwhelm with simple, actionable steps to take big dreams and ideas and make them possible.

Scroll below for an inside look into a PowerSheets workbook and visit their shop for more information.

PowerSheets 1 PowerSheets 2 PowerSheets 3

Additionally, the Cultivate What Matters shop is offering a $4000 bonus giveaway. Simply order your workbook by November 15th to be entered to win!

Visit the shop now!



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