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November 3, 2016

How We Celebrated Our Engagement

Thank you all for your sweet words on Instagram and Facebook over the past few days! Yesterday was a record-breaking day on my blog and it warmed my heart to know that so many friends were reading along with our story. I will return to normal content next week, but will first share how we celebrated our engagement last weekend.


Once we left the beautiful spot where Dillon proposed, we had both built up quite the appetite! We immediately went out for dinner to one of my favorite local restaurants, Cactus Jack’s. If you are local to New Hampshire, go treat yourself to their haddock tacos. You’re welcome. And they serve complimentary cornbread before the meal. I digress. I was so excited at the restaurant so I let our server in on our news. She was excited for us, but the meal progressed on as normal… until the end when she handed us the bill with the total crossed out and said our meal was on the house. It was such a generous surprise!


After dinner, we went back to my house to toast with my family over sparkling apple cider and enjoy our excitement along with them. I really wanted to see both of our families that night so we went to Dillon’s house shortly after, but not before first picking up ring pops to share with his younger sisters. It made me smile to realize that Target played a small part in the evening of our proposal. We ended up getting to see about half the family but saved the full ring pop celebration until the next evening when everyone could be together.


I could hardly believe that the day before had really happened when I woke up with the ring on my hand on Sunday. My parents and I went to service where I got to share lots of sweet hugs with friends and our church family. Everyone’s excitement and support have been such a joy! After church, I cozied up on the couch with my Southern Weddings Planner and the whoopie pie Dillon had given me (they are my favorite!) until he was finished working at church.


We enjoyed lunch together and talked for a bit about the excitement of the past day, and then I thought I heard one of my dear friends downstairs. When I took a peek to see if it was really her, I was greeted with a big hug and this incredibly thoughtful gift basket to celebrate our engagement (Thank you Shannon! I’m still snacking on the Toblerone!)


Another dear friend of mine came over with ice cream sundaes to share later that afternoon and we got to catch up for a bit and share in the excitement. Then later that evening I brought ring pops to my high school girls at our Sunday small group and got to celebrate with them, too. They wanted to hear the story of how Dillon proposed and it was fun to share it with them before digging into the Word.


After small group, I went over to Dillon’s to bring ring pops (a common theme in this post!) to his sisters, as they were all finally home. Y’all, ring pops are so fun to celebrate with, and kiddos love them.


We got to share in some quality time with his siblings before I headed home. I’m grateful for all the sweet snippets of celebration and love we got to share this weekend. My heart is still full from it all!

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  1. Kristen

    November 3rd, 2016 at 9:57 am

    A fairy tale come true. I look forward to the continuing true life story!!