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December 23, 2016

Friday No. 6

1. I was invited to a party on Friday night hosted for the ladies on staff at our church and the spouses of the staff gents. I was excited to be included as a soon-to-be staff wife and had a lovely time getting to know the other ladies as we made ornaments and swapped festive socks and mittens.

2. On Sunday we attended the Christmas musical of three of Dillon’s younger sisters along with his littlest sister and then went to a caroling party with the rest of his family. I packed a few Christmas goodies into my bag and we were happily snacking on candy canes and sweet treats throughout the afternoon.

3. We attended the Christmas party for our church’s Young Adults group on Monday night and Dillon was a contestant on ‘Family Feud’. I didn’t pick up an ugly sweater before the party, so I improvised a festive outfit using a $3 strand of battery operated seed lights from Target. It was a hit!

4. The weather was 1 degree on Tuesday morning, inspiring me to make a warm and cozy meal that night. I endeavored to make Pioneer Woman’s Perfect Pot Roast and was shocked at how quickly the price of the ingredients added up, but it was worth every penny. I paired it with a lightened up version of her mashed potatoes and it was the perfect cold weather meal!

5. After dinner on Tuesday, Dillon accompanied me to pick up a print order for a special project I created to ‘propose’ to my bridesmaids. He patiently helped me trim and assemble each one and I began delivering them on Wednesday afternoon. I’m excited to share the finished product in a future post!

6. On Wednesday night we took a family light tour with four of Dillon’s sisters. In my December goals I mentioned my goal of establishing a tradition with them and was thankful we made time for it. We stopped at one particular display that had a walk-through path open to the public, it was so much fun!

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