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Daily Life

January 24, 2017

My Winter Fun List (and a Printable!)

Winter in New Hampshire is distinctly frigid, snow-covered, and equally charming. While a huge part of me wishes to live in the South where the weather is currently in the 70s, winter here is beautiful. Last week I had a paid grown-up snow day (I didn’t know that was a thing!) and it was the best thing ever. There’s even more snow in the forecast today, which makes it the perfect day to share my winter fun list. Read through to the bottom for a fun printable to write your own list on, too!

Winter Fun List - Kyla MaryMy Winter Fun List

— buy a new wintry candle
— make and share valentines treats
— go for a walk while snow is falling
— visit Black Mountain Burger again with Dillon in the White Mountains
— watch a Bruins game with my dad
— visit my Auntie Dawn and share tea with her
— have (or attend) a campfire
— add a new blanket scarf to my collection of warm weather accessories
— visit the library
— host a gathering with a hot cocoa bar
— have a snowball fight
— buy a cute throw blanket for my desk
— make a snowman with Dillon (we’ve actually already done this one!)
— go ice skating outside
— attend a hockey game

What are some activities on your winter fun list? Comment below so we can inspire each other!

Get your winter fun list printable here.

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