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March 1, 2017

March 2017 Goals

Happy March, friends! In addition to the start of a new month, today is my 25th birthday, too – YAY! We are starting to get our first glimpses of spring here in New Hampshire, which is a welcome treat after a few snow storms throughout February.

 This past month taught me the importance of prioritizing the best things over the good ones, including family and rest over blogging.  Since I began working full time in January, I had planned to use Saturday mornings to work on blog content. In February, those mornings were used for sweet time with family and friends instead. Balancing a new schedule is a learning curve, but one that I am trying to handle with grace and patience.

March 2017 Goals - Kyla Mary

source: Caitlin Wilson

Before I share my March 2017 goals, let’s review last month’s list.

February Goals in Review:

– send thank you notes for early wedding gifts we’ve received – y’all, I’m shaking my head at this one
– read Hebrews
– bake treats to bless others with on Valentine’s Day
– memorize a new scripture
– pray through my prayer journal each week 
– read Weird
– create inspiration boards to guide the decorative style for our home
– buy more food storage
– read Galatians 
– listen to a TED talk each week 3 out of 5

Grace not perfection, friends. While they are not listed above, I’m proud of myself for sticking to most of my daily rhythms and routines! I’m noticing the impact of some of the smaller daily practices I’ve put into place since the new year started, and it’s been wonderful! With a little shifting of time, I definitely could improve on some of the incomplete goals.

My values haven’t changed since starting a full time job or walking through our engagement, but my prioritization of time has shifted for this present season. With that in mind, I have four areas of focus behind my goals for March: my relationship with God, my wellness, my relationship with Dillon, and my friendships. I wanted to add about ten other ideas to my list for the month, but I want to enjoy these last few months of our engagement without overloading my time. 

March 2017 Goals:

– complete a two week sugar fast
– read The 5 Love Languages
– read Proverbs
– plan a girls gathering for dear friends
– make time for cardio 5x/week
– unplug each week with an analog weekend
– honor a Sabbath day each week
– make time for strength exercies 5x/week


What do y’all have planned for March? Share a few of your goals in the comments below so I can cheer you on!

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