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March 10, 2017

Wedding Planning Update: 3 Months to Go!

We are more than halfway to our wedding, friends! We’ve been getting pockets of warm weather here in New Hampshire and it has me feeling all kinds of excited for June to arrive. It’s all starting to feel tangible as we make decisions on where to live, how to establish our home, and how we want our day to feel. We’ve begun the application for our desired apartment, so we should hopefully know for sure where we will be living by this time next month. We’ve also been talking a lot more about our dreams for our family too, which makes me really happy.

wedding planning : 3 months to go

source: Ryan Ray via Southern Weddings

With all that said, we are making incremental progress with wedding planning. Truthfully, it all seems so much easier now that some of the biggest decisions are out of the way. I can actually envision the day better now than months prior, as we’ve narrowed the focus of our vision quite a bit. I finished our inspiration board a couple weeks ago to guide the aesthetic of the day, which has given me much relief with the idea of delegating projects.

Having added support has also made the last month much easier. I decided to choose a maid and matron of honor in February and it has been such a blessing.  They’ve been checking in with me consistently to lend a helping hand, which helps me remember that we have a strong community to support us as we begin our marriage. With all of the willing helpers ready to jump in, it’s become increasingly important that we clearly define our plans for the day in order to assign tasks appropriately.

Since my last update we’ve:
— chosen our ceremony venue
— drawn up our ideal menu to discuss with the appropriate parties
— created the bridal shower guest list
— chose bridesmaids attire
— tracked the bridesmaids who already purchased their dresses
— fleshed out groomsmen attire – we might wait until all bridesmaids have purchased to finalize
— with the help of one of my bridesmaids, established a plan for our florals
— finalize wedding inspiration board
— added more items to our registries, made them public, and received our first registry gift!
— gathered my day-of hair and makeup inspiration
— drawn up and digitized our stationery suite concepts

Our next action steps are:
— look at possible bridal accessories
— decide on and reserve/purchase Dillon’s attire
— choose flower girl dresses
— finalize tablescape plan
— decide on final groomsmen attire
— discuss rain contingency plan
— draw up plans for wedding morning
— finalize and order stationery suite
— decide on envelope color and order those and postage
— address and mail invitations
— purchase bouquet ribbon
— finish wedding registries
— delegating our menu selections to the appropriate parties
— discuss ceremony plans

Through all the planning, we’ve continued to stay pretty calm and stress-free. I’ll be sharing a post on our approach to wedding planning in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that!

What is the most memorable detail out of any wedding you’ve attended? Share in the comments below!

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  1. Mary

    March 10th, 2017 at 2:50 pm

    Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!! These last few months will fly by! I can’t remember the most memorable detail of any wedding I’ve been to, but at my cousin’s wedding this past week, held at a historic library, she used little the little due date pockets in library books for her escort cards! Super cute and fun! There were also old books along with the flowers for center pieces. 🙂

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