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March 14, 2017

Our Relaxed Approach to Wedding Planning

With less than three months left until our wedding, I am often asked how the planning process is going for us. The question is often coupled with the assumption that our life must be incredibly busy or stressful right now. Since this has been happening more and more frequently, I’ve realized that we are an unusually relaxed engaged couple. We haven’t been stressed, our hours aren’t predominantly filled with wedding talk, and we aren’t terribly busy with planning all the time. We’re having fun planning our wedding, but it hasn’t consumed our life. Today I’m sharing our relaxed approach to wedding planning in hopes that it will help other couples enjoy this sweet season too.

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Wedding planning seems to have a reputation of being stressful, but your experience doesn’t have to be that way. Taking a tactful approach with wedding planning can help eliminate the stress, chaos, and pressure experienced by a majority of couples. A wedding is an incredibly special day that deserves intentionality and a great amount of thought. However, I want to fill these precious months of engagement with joyfulness, free of stress. If you’re planning a wedding, the same can be true for you, too!

Focus on the foundational elements first
Establish the foundational pieces of your wedding first: set a date, decide what kind of venue you prefer, and draw up a preliminary guest list from the start. This will help guide the rest of your decisions going forward, so it helps to be clear on the big components early on.

Cast vision together as a couple
Dream together as a couple about the kind of day you’d like to have. It’s common for brides to begin planning a wedding with all the ideas they’ve always dreamed of on their own. In the days of Pinterest, it’s easy to enter engagement with a handful of your own grandiose ideas. Instead of pulling from only your ideas, stop and ask your groom what he wants, too. When Dillon and I started seriously dating, I deleted my existing wedding Pinterest board because I wanted to have a clean slate to work with if we ever became engaged. This proved to be such a helpful way to work together as a team from day one!

Be organized and proactive
Start an organizational system early and refer back to it often. We have two tools that have been essential throughout our planning process: the Joyful Wedding Planner, and Aisle Planner. The Joyful Wedding Planner is a beautifully designed a three-ring binder planner. This has been perfect for putting pen to paper and organizing important lists. Aisle Planner has been a great tool for virtually organizing our details. It allows us to add planning partners, such as our moms and my maids of honor, making the delegation of tasks easy.

Have you ever played a role in planning a wedding? What helped you most in the process?

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