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July 12, 2017

Inspired by the Interior of Draper James Flagship Store

Reese Witherspoon has done it, y’all. In 2015, she launched a clothing line inspired by her Southern roots and personal style and it is perfection. I’ve been following her brand since the launch of her Dallas store last September and am equally smitten with the clothing and the interior of Draper James. First of all, they serve sweet tea to guests upon arrival – such a dream!

interior of draper james flagship

The interior of Draper James was designed by Mark D. Sikes, a Los-Angeles based interior designer who shares his thoughts behind the project here. Together with Reese, he designed the space to feel like a classic Southern home.

interior of draper james flagship

This is carried out with impeccable thought through the intentional use of patterns. The wallpaper and textiles only serve to complement Reese’s product line, not compete with it.

interior of draper james flagship

They even found a way to decorate with metal gardening supplies which serve to make the space feel lived in instead of untouchable. Sikes designed the back of the store to feel like a mudroom, as seen to the lower left. The fabrics remind me of Carolina blue – I’d like to use it all over our home!

interior of draper james flagship

In additional to the intentionality of using Southern-inspired design, Sikes also handpicked Southern artists to contribute work to the store. Where can I get my hands on this beautifully lettered sentiment by Chelsea Petaja? I may just have to create my own!

interior of draper james flagship -chelsea petaja

I read in an article that Reese wanted the space to feel “comfortable, inviting, and inspiring”. As a result, Sikes made the interior of Draper James look like a beautifully designed home. I’d like to cozy up on that couch to sip a glass of sweet tea!

interior of draper james flagship

Each and every detail of this store carries the grace and charm of the South. Draper James has inspired me to paint my front door blue, create a bold gallery wall, and look for ways to use beautiful textiles in our home.

interior of draper james flagship

all photos by Leslee Mitchell

Most of all, I now have yet another reason to travel South to visit Nashville, Lexington, or Dallas for myself!

Have you had the pleasure of visiting a Draper James store? Share your experience below!

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