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July 17, 2017

The First Things We Bought for Our Apartment

Happy Monday, Y’all! Today I am sharing the first things we bought for our apartment. Even though I tried to be an informed bride by asking around and reading articles, this was unchartered territory for me. Dillon and I chose to not move in together until the day we got married, which meant we didn’t combine all our possessions until our wedding day. We were fortunate to have the keys to our apartment a few weeks early. We took care to fill our space with basic needs (and some wants) during those weeks.  While we’d both lived away at college after high school, we both moved directly into our apartment from our family homes.

As a result, we basically moved into our apartment with the bare bones necessities that one should have for a home. Confession: we still haven’t purchased our own flatware set. We received most of our household essentials at my bridal shower, but there are some pieces that remain unfulfilled. Thankfully, we were blessed with gift cards to fill in the gaps!

Our space is small (about 650 square feet), but even the tiniest space can feel barren if left unfurnished. We were blessed to have a couch and bed from our parents, but that was all for furniture. As you can see from the photo above, our couch set is a spring green color which is not my preference – but I’m grateful to have been gifted it! I would eventually like to purchase a neutral couch instead.

As we first got settled into our apartment, I kept a list of items to purchase from Target and Walmart. After receiving the keys to our apartment, we spent most of that first week making multiple trips to both stores for essentials. I’ve organized the list into categories for quick reference. Enjoy!

curtains and curtain rods
pretty hand towels
— a candle

— pantry shelving and bins
— dish soap, sponges, and a sponge holder
— trash cans for the kitchen and bathroom
— trash bags in varying sizes (bathroom, beneath the kitchen sink, and tall kitchen)
— toilet paper and paper towels
— basic seasonings

accent cabinet
— a nice dining table and chairs (This came about a month later. We used a folding table in the interim.)

What are the first things you purchased for your first apartment or home?

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