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Daily Life

July 31, 2017

10 Fun Facts About Me

Happy Monday, Friends! I noticed lots of new readers last week from all over the world! In the past seven days alone, readers have visited from 17 countries and 43 states. It means the world to me (pun intended!) that y’all are taking the time to visit and read along. Since I think it is much more fun to know the person behind a blog, I am sharing some fun facts about myself this week. Stay tuned for part two on Wednesday!

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1. My due date was leap day. As I result, I would have only had 6 birthdays by now! Thankfully, I was born one day late on March 1st.

2. I did cheerleading from age 8 to 16. My sweet mama served as head coach for my team for seven of those years, leading us to win Nationals when I was 13.

3. I have one sibling, my not-so-little-anymore brother, Cam. He is almost four years younger than me, which meant he started high school a few months after I graduated.

4. I was born and raised in Southern New Hampshire and have lived here all my life.

5. One of my biggest dreams is to move to Raleigh, North Carolina someday. My sweet husband is so patient to listen to this dream of mine and pray alongside me in it! I have been there twice, feeling more at home there than I’ve ever felt in New England.

6. I’ve been a youth group leader for 5 years, starting with seventh-grade girls who are now going into their Senior year!

7. I spent my free time as a kid watching HGTV and rearranging the furniture in my room. Surprisingly, I have seen very few episodes of Fixer Upper (though I’d like to!).

8. I got my only speeding ticket ever at 18 and it happened on a Sunday morning, en route to church. Thankfully, they later forgave it!

9. I have very thick wavy hair but wish it was straight. Thankfully, it holds a curl pretty well!

10. One of my favorite Spotify playlists is Bluegrass Covers. The cover of Single Ladies is a gem.


I want to know you, too! I would be so blessed if you would take a moment and introduce yourself in the comments below.

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