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Our Wedding

September 26, 2017

Our Wedding Ceremony (Part 2)

Once I walked down the aisle (read part 1 of our wedding ceremony here), I got to join hands with Dillon. He looked dapper as ever and I remember thinking how I am the most blessed girl in the world that he would soon be my husband. Fafa began by having us turn toward our guests and pray a blessing over them for the role they have each played in our lives. I felt so much joy looking out at our guests, and seeing the smiling face of each person who had traveled to celebrate us.

I am so thankful that we got to plan our ceremony with Mimi and Fafa. There was no part of it that we didn’t have a hand in planning. This made it so much more reflective of our story. We took care to point back to God in every bit of our ceremony. His presence filled every corner of that room.

After praying over our guests, Fafa invited our parents up to the front to pray over us as a couple. We purposefully had each set of parents pray over their child’s soon-to-be-spouse and that made it even more special. Since are each the oldest child and the first to be married in our families, the room was filled with extra emotion.

We then transitioned into corporate worship with “Good, Good Father” and “In Christ Alone”. This was such a sweet time to remember that God authored our story and brought us to that very point. It also offered the opportunity to share His love with our guests through the joy He brings us. In designing our program, I included the lyrics as an insert. This ensured that guests could join in without us having to use a flashy screen and projector. Dillon’s old youth pastor led the acoustic songs, fitting the unplugged feel of our ceremony perfectly.

During song transitions, both of my mom’s siblings shared our scripture readings aloud from the front of the room. We chose two readings, Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 and Colossians 3:15-17 to share with guests. My Uncle Al passed away last fall after playing a big role in my faith. He prayed faithfully that I would grow in love for Christ and bought my first ‘grownup’ Bible in middle school. It was incredibly special to have his wife and her brother read from that very Bible during our ceremony.

After we finished worshipping corporately, Fafa had us step up onto the altar and the ceremony became more intimate. We exchanged vows that we’d written, taking turns to read our lines alternately in a way that intertwined the words. This is one of my favorite decisions made in planning our wedding ceremony.

We then exchanged rings and Fafa prayed a marriage blessing over us. Since Dillon’s grandfather officiated our wedding ceremony, we invited my grandfather to pray a family blessing over us. By that point in the ceremony, there was hardly a dry eye in the entire room.

Upon the conclusion of the blessings, Fafa pronounced us husband and wife and we shared our first married kiss – with me on tip toes! Our expressions in these moments are my absolute favorite. 

After soaking up the joy of what had just happened, we recessed up the aisle to the chorus from ‘Best Day of My Life’ which was so completely us.

Photographer: Ruth Eileen Photography

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