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Daily Life

October 13, 2017

Happy Wedding Weekend Tim + Ali!

Last night we were blessed to share in the joy of our dear friends at their rehearsal dinner. Tim and Ali’s story weaves into ours, as we all got to know each other through the same community group last year. Dillon, Tim and I led a young adult’s small group for the greater part of 2016 with our dear friend Hanna, and Ali met Tim when she first attended the group. It’s beautiful to see the story God was writing while we were all a bit oblivious of what was to come!

As we shared dinner with them earlier this week, I offered to capture some of the special moments of their rehearsal evening for them on my new camera. They excitedly said yes and Y’all, it was so.much.fun capturing their joy through my lens last night! I took well over a hundred photos, but here just a few favorites to celebrate the start to their wedding weekend. Congratulations Tim and Ali!


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