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October 17, 2017

My Favorite Cozy At-Home Playlist

One of my October goals is to read the Lifegiving Home by Sally Clarkson. While I have not yet begun the book, the premise has me thinking about ways to bring life into our space. Instead of coming home and sitting on the couch or simply starting dinner, I often light a candle and play music first. After sunset, we almost always have our twinkle lights on in both living room windows and it makes everything feel cozier.

Dillon could be totally content being a homebody during the week. I prefer to be on the go, even if it’s simply a trip to Target. But we balance each other out! More than once, we have stopped to slow dance in our kitchen while dinner warms on the stove or lingered at the dinner table a little bit longer. Simple moments like this are the sweetest and help to slow down a busy week and enjoy the comfort of our home.

Jenna Kutcher via Society6


In intentionally adding joy and liveliness to our space, I found this playlist by my friend Nancy. It’s sweet and cozy and worshipful, the perfect recipe to be the soundtrack to our evenings. Enjoy!

Do you listen to music in your home? Share your favorite songs or playlists below!

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