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Daily Life

October 31, 2017

Making Lemonade with Lemons in a Power Outage

Last night was so good for my spirit! While much of New England dealt with power outages and storm cleanup, my family and I made memories. A strong storm swept through our area throughout Sunday night with super strong wind and rain. Power outages are still widespread through much of the region, including at my parents’ home. Thankfully, Dillon and I never lost power!

While Dillon rested last night from a rough cold he’s been fighting, I accompanied my mom on some errands. Our first stop was Sam’s Club, which was running on generators. The store was so dark but surprisingly busy. We stocked up on yummy essentials and made our way to check out just as they decided to close the store. Perfect timing! It was quite a sight to shop a half-powered store with a pitch black parking lot.

After wrapping up the errands on our list, we went to Chick-fil-a to take advantage of a promotion they were running for their anniversary. The receipt from any purchases made yesterday at that location can be redeemed for a free meal in the first half of November. I so appreciate their hospitality, even if it led to a brief pause to my sugar fast!

When we pulled up to the location, the drive-through line was long so we went inside to order. The cashier was so kind and fun and made going inside so worth it. She gave us heaps of dipping sauces (their original sauce is my favorite!) and was patient as we ordered. I typically go for the original sandwich but tried the spicy one instead and it was so good! The cashier also sold me on getting a lemonade, while I usually skip the soft drinks and op for water. She called it ‘luscious lemonade’ and we were cracking up.

After that, we went back to my parents’ house – still without power – and created games to play with grocery flyers and pads of paper. I am so thankful for the way power outages or little interruptions can lead to the sweetest family time! During an ordinary week, I likely would have passed on the errands and spent time at home on my computer or Netflix. Even though Dillon and I had power, it was so sweet to unplug and enjoy family time. And while it might have led to a very random blog post, these are the sweet moments I want to remember!

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