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November 2, 2017

Ali + Tim Rehearsal Dinner

We just love this couple so much. Dillon and Tim go way back, having attended homeschool classes together as they grew up. I became fast friends with Tim while serving on the leadership team for our community group last year, and connected with Ali immediately when she joined the group. Their friendship is so dear to us! While sharing dinner during the week before their wedding, I offered to bring my camera along to the rehearsal dinner to bless them with pictures. Dillon was a groomsman in the wedding and we had already carved out the rehearsal evening in our calendar, so it was a joy to capture their celebration.

Photographing their rehearsal dinner was such a gift, y’all. Imagine a room filled with the laughter and love of your closest family and friends (and the best chicken tenders this world has ever known). Now multiply that by a hundred. Tim and Ali are LOVED. I teared up while editing these pictures because every image captures the happiness and anticipation of their wedding day. Their joy is radiant and has so clearly touched every member of their family. They are dearly loved and adored! Their rehearsal dinner was nothing short of that, with laughter and ice cream cake, words of encouragement and endearing hugs.

Ali and Tim, it was an honor to capture your rehearsal dinner! Thank you for inviting me into this special time in your life. You are truly a blessing to everyone you meet. I am excited to see all that God does through your marriage!

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