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November 7, 2017

Recipes I Prepared on Our Sugar Fast

Dillon and I completed a week-long sugar fast in October and it was surprisingly easy! I have tried different eating plans in the past, from gluten free to the Daniel Fast and everywhere in between. In the past, I’ve found that the first few days of eating differently are really difficult and often met with tempting cravings. Fortunately, this time was altogether different and fairly easy to stick to! I credit that partially to the healthy lifestyle we typically keep in our home, and mostly to the meals I prepared. By having healthy, flavorful meals planned, we knew from the start that we wouldn’t feel deprived.

via Williams Sonoma

We didn’t set a specific duration for our sugar fast, but instead set out to reclaim our energy and reset our eating habits. We are so glad we did! It was a great reminder of how much energy we get from eating well. Today I am sharing the recipes we enjoyed during our sugar fast in hopes of helping others eat well too!

Sausage, Cheese, and Veggie Egg Bake

Taco Soup

Chicken Pesto Spaghetti Squash

Cabbage Soup

Cool Ranch Shredded Chicken Tacos

Sweet Potato Chicken Poppers

My friend Joy made a Whole 30 Beef and Broccoli one evening too – yum! During the day, we snacked on freshly picked apples, chopped veggies, and mixed nuts. I really noticed a difference in my energy, and my stomach felt much flatter by even day 2!

Have you ever completed a sugar fast? If so, what are your favorite meals to prepare? Share below!

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  1. mary

    November 7th, 2017 at 11:22 am

    Thanks for sharing! I will definitely be checking out your recipes! After completing a few whole30’s we prepare mostly paleo meals (my husband doesn’t tolerate grains or sugars well). Our staples are really easy meals with just a few ingredients that are naturally sugar free, such as lettuce wrapped burgers, meatballs with spaghetti squash, frittatas, roasted chicken with veggies and crock pot pulled pork. Here’s a recap of one of my rounds from last year: https://wilmatrimony.wordpress.com/2016/03/02/whole30-recap/