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For the Heart, Home

March 6, 2018

Household Prayers

As newlyweds, Dillon and I are daily laying a foundation for our life together. One of the biggest areas of opportunity to do so is found in the way we invite God into our home and marriage each day. The simplest way to do this is through prayer, and what better way to invite God into our home then lifting up intentional, specific prayers about our daily life, community, and marriage.

Last month, I took some time to sit down and write out room-specific prayers for the high-traffic spaces in our home, namely over our kitchen sink and beside our bathroom mirror. This has proved to be very helpful in providing gentle reminders throughout the day to lift up our lives to the Lord, to trust Him in the big and small things, and to keep our minds focused on Him. My hope in sharing these with you is that they will be an encouragement to you to invite Him into your home, too!

via Katelyn James (I dream of having a home like hers someday!)

Prayers for Our Bathroom

  • our health
  • identity in Christ
  • realizing our gifts and how God wants us to use them
  • joy in the mundane tasks
  • wisdom and understanding

Prayers for Our Kitchen

  • our lease and where we should live
  • thank God for a full fridge and healthy food
  • our neighbors and neighborhood
  • guests to fill our home with and hospitality
  • invite God into every corner of our home


As I intentionally make prayer a more natural practice throughout the day, I also shared that I’m reading a book to begin each workday with prayer, too! I’m excited to grow what I sow in this area over the coming months as my trust in the Lord increases through prayer.


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