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Daily Life

March 7, 2018

All Snowed In

New Hampshire is officially under a winter storm warning and we are all snowed in! I was out midday today and thankfully arrived home around 3 before the snow began to accumulate. Fingers crossed for one last “snow day” before springtime, as I love the infrequent reason to cozy up and work from the couch with Dillon on days where snow makes driving less than ideal.

We went out and bought bread last night because that’s what people do when snowstorms hit, but so far we haven’t had any signs of losing power! Instead of planning for peanut butter sandwiches in the event of a power outage, we picked up a few avocados to have with it instead. If the power remains uninterrupted, we’ll be well supplied with ingredients for avocado toast through the weekend – a win-win in my book!

Tonight we watched Zero Dark Thirty and then baked a big batch of mini tacos from Trader Joe’s for dinner. As much as I enjoy planning and preparing wholesome meals in our home, there’s something novel about veering off the meal plan every so often in lieu of something fun. I served them on paper plates with salsa verde, fresh pineapple salsa, and sour cream, making for an entirely festive and simple dinner.

Evenings like this help me remember to slow down, occasionally ditch the plan, and to swing into rest. Cheers to that, y’all!

What are your favorite snow activities? Share them below!

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