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April 2, 2018

April 2018 Goals

Happy April! This month kicked off with a sunny Easter celebration yesterday. We had the joy of worshipping alongside thousands of our neighbors at our church’s Easter service held inside the SNHU Arena. Even after a handful of holiday services held at the Arena, it always amazes me to hear so many collective voices lifting up the name of the Lord. After church, we had lunch at a fairly new local restaurant and then had a relaxing evening at home.

via Sarah Tucker

March was full and had an exhausting – and sniffly – ending. Dillon came down with flu-like symptoms in the middle of the month, and I followed five days later. I’d managed to stay well all winter and was promptly knocked off my feet for three days in bed. I’m still nursing a cough but thankful to be back into my routine!

Thankfully, the earlier weeks of March were filled with my birthday, a lovely trip to Boston, coffee dates, vendor meetings, and lots of growth as a business owner. I’m covering my March goals with grace, as I went off course and neglected many of the ones I set for the month. Thankfully, I accomplished lots of things that weren’t tied to a specific goal, so I count the month as a win and a reminder to plan well for April.

April 2018 Goals

establish a routine for strengthening exercises, both at-home and at the gym
read The One Thing
send cards to two dear friends
plan a movie night with Dillon’s – and now mine!- younger sisters
conceptualize two unique style shoots and create design briefs for them
move my body daily for 20 minutes
define my business boundaries
time-block my work hours each week for more focused task management
follow along with Emily Ley’s spring cleaning challenge
have one unplugged day per week
begin drinking collagen tea or smoothies every other day
daily invite God into my business through prayer
finish our wedding thank you notes (Emily Post would be so ashamed that this is unfinished, as am I!)

Share one of your April goals below! I would be delighted to cheer you on.

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