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daily life



Daily Life

April 6, 2018

Friday No. 16

1. Considerable time has passed since I last made a regular practice of journaling. With all the exciting things happening in my life, now seems like a perfect time to start writing it all down! Historically, I take a while to choose a journal I really like (I’ll be writing in it nearly every day after all!) but I think I have narrowed it down to this striped one, or this chambray one. The chambray can be monogramed, which gives it bonus points!

2. This book is on my shopping list, So Much to Celebrate by Katie Jacobs. I discovered Katie in the February Issue of Southern Living and her blog and Instagram have been inspiring me so much lately!

3. We are attending Dave Ramsey’s Smart Conference tomorrow! Y’all, I am so grateful and excited for this opportunity. After completing Financial Peace University last fall, we have been diligently working together to reach some big financial goals we’ve set. This is sure to be so good.

4. This past weekend we celebrated Easter along with more than 10,000 neighbors at the SNHU Arena. It was incredibly special and joyful, and two of our friends came up from Massachusetts to join us for worship!

5. I visited a lovely and positively chic shop last week, Les Fleurs, and it was so inspiring! Their French-inspired collection and impeccably curated pieces are a branding dream. They also have a flower bar, which is such a dream and similar to a design concept I have in the works!

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