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Daily Life

April 16, 2018

Attending Dave Ramsey’s Smart Conference

Last Weekend, Dillon and I were blessed to attend Dave Ramsey’s Smart Conference in Boston. The life-changing speaker lineup and applicable takeaways left an indelible impression on me and provided a renewed perspective. I am so thankful for that!

On the morning of the conference, we left our apartment around 7 to allow plenty of time for parking and making our way to the arena. Little did we know, we were going to get stuck in a 90-minute traffic jam crossing the Charles River. The event start time was 8:30 and we were scheduled to arrive shortly after 8 but were in gridlock traffic at 9.

I was so excited to see Les Parrott, the first speaker, as he came highly recommended to us during pre-marital counseling from many wise mentors in my life, but was sure I’d miss his message by that point. I set my sights on arriving in time for Rachel Cruze to take the stage, as she was set to follow Les. Dillon kindly offered to brave the traffic and park the car for us since I would make it to the arena much faster if I got out in the midst of the traffic and walked. Sure enough, I quite literally ran down Commonwealth Avenue in Tieks, with my tote bag tossed on one shoulder and the motivation to hear Rachel’s words giving spring to my step. I thankfully arrived to find Dave on stage, just about to introduce Les. Thank the Lord, I didn’t miss a thing!

The morning session consisted of powerful messages delivered by Les Parrot, Rachel Cruze, Ken Coleman, and Chris Hogan. In hopes of inspiring some of you through this post, I’ll share some of my favorite takeaways!

Les Parrott began the morning by sharing the importance of communicating honestly, openly, and often with your spouse about the good things along with the bad. He shared the idea of making a weekly practice of communicating with your spouse two great things you caught them doing in the past 48 hours and one thing that bothered you. The caveat is that once shared, the thing that bothered you is off-limits from conversation from 30 minutes, allowing couples to cool down and process what might have triggered a particular frustration in their spouse, as well as giving time for the other person to decide in their heart if they feel a need to apologize or dig deeper.

Rachel Cruze shared the importance of not comparing your life to the highlight reel of others through social media. She reminded us how easy it can be to miss the good things in our own life by keeping our eyes on any perceived lack instead. Her message reinforced the principles we learned in Financial Peace University, which was a welcome refresher!

Ken Coleman‘s message was so timely as I begin to build my business. He shared the importance of doing work that fulfills you and fires you up, and how to identify some obstacles that might stand in your way as you chase the things that most bring you alive. He shared this inspiring video from the making of The Greatest Showman (starting around 2:30 in the video) and there was hardly a dry eye in the entire room! I’m excited to listen to his podcast moving forward, as his words made quite the impact on me in this season I’m in.

Chris Hogan is a powerhouse, Y’all. He took the stage before lunch and instantly captivated the audience with inspirational and convicting stories that enforced the importance of preparing well for retirement. As Dillon and I work through the early Baby Steps, his words helped to anchor me into the big picture of our financial wellness.

Dillon and I excused ourselves a few minutes early before the mid-day break to make our way to the Chipotle across the street, just barely missing the huge rush of the lunch crowd. I held down the single free table while Dillon ordered, and I sat there with such gratitude that we were sharing that experience together that day and for his kind servant’s heart. When we returned for the afternoon session, we were chatting with our sweet seat neighbor who gifted us a copy of Total Money Makeover when she learned that we are newlyweds. It was so kind and reminded me of God’s faithfulness to provide throughout this journey!

After the break, we settled in for another incredible lineup of speakers.

Anthony ONeal shared the importance of listening to the children and teens around us, remembering that their burdens – while they may be small in our eyes – are huge in their own eyes. He reminded us of the influence we have to listen, encourage, and ultimately empower them to be who they are called to be. He illustrated this point through a lightbulb being illuminated by a power source being connected to it, saying that we may miss out on the untapped potential of our teens if we don’t give them a chance to shine.

Meg Meeker broke down societal issues standing in the way of healthy, thriving children, particularly convicting parents to put down their phones/busyness and make time for their children. She shared that children are incredibly perceptive and observant, learning who they are and how parents feel about them far more by the way they are treated by parents than the words parents speak over them. While we are not yet in a season of parenthood, her message is one I will surely carry with me long after that day.

Henry Cloud illustrated the difference of a life with healthy boundaries vs a life without them. This hit me to my core, as March was a month where I realized areas where boundaries are lacking in my personal life and in my business. I’ve read Cloud’s book before but hearing his words in person served as such a needed reminder to define boundaries and stick to them. If you haven’t yet read his book, I highly recommend it!

Dave Ramsey concluded the day with a charge to apply the principles we learned that day and to do the work. He encouraged the audience to fill their lives with good, positive change, illustrating the power that this can have in flushing out the negativity in a person’s life. Y’all, it meant so much to me to hear him speak in person. Applying his financial principles and business principles have changed my life and our marriage forever. As he spoke during the closing of the event, he reminded us of the importance of goals and setting them in a way that encourages progress and accomplishment. It was such a needed message!

I am so thankful we were able to attend his event and hope to see these speakers again in the future!

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  1. Kristen

    April 16th, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Thank you for sharing a glimpse into what sounded like an amazing day. You have such a wonderful gift with words 😊

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