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May 7, 2018

May 2018 Goals

Happy May, y’all! Goodness gracious have a missed blogging here. I invested most of my working hours in client work, building vendor relationships, and completing back-end administrative tasks during April and feel like I am in such a better place with my business because of it. I am just a few weeks away from the official start to my 2018 wedding season and I am so excited to tie my Oatmeal Lace apron with a bow and get to work serving my lovely couples in this inaugural season!

May 2018 Goals

source: Tell Me Tuesday

I have lots of exciting plans for May, but before I dive into those goals, let’s recap the month of April. Dillon and I were blessed to attend Dave Ramsey’s Smart Conference at the beginning of the month and had several exciting family events, date nights, and serving opportunities in the past few weeks!

April Goals in Review

establish a routine for strengthening exercises, both at-home and at the gym (I did some research but now need to implement)
read The One Thing
send cards to two dear friends
plan a movie night with our sisters (April was so full, but we had a Hannah Montana dance party on Friday night so I consider that a win!)
conceptualize two unique style shoots and create design briefs for them
move my body daily for 20 minutes (making this a priority this month!)
define my business boundaries
time-block my work hours each week for more focused task management
follow along with Emily Ley’s spring cleaning challenge
have one unplugged day per week
begin drinking collagen tea or smoothies every other day
daily invite God into my business through prayer
finish our wedding thank you notes – (While I didn’t fully complete this in April I’m so, so close!)

I’m looking forward to working with the windows open, taking drives with Dillon, and savoring springtime this month! My personal focus for May is to take better care of myself by planning well for good nutrition, exercise, and sleep, while my business focus is creating systems that work well in preparation for the summer months.

May 2018 Goals 

Make our bedroom a beautiful place of rest and respite
Create a nighttime routine I look forward to
Plan something special for our anniversary next month
Upgrade my brand imagery by creating a library of images to use
Flesh out my idea for creating a family legacy video with my grandparents
Draft a client magazine
Create and stick to an editorial calendar with at least 2 posts/week
Eat lean, clean, and green daily
Workout 3x/week
Map out my complete client experience for each of my packages
Revise and draft my mission statement for Kyla Mary Events & Design
Track my time during work hours
Learn how to do a better at-home blowout with my new favorite tool!
Define and document my basic business processes

Share one of your May goals below! I would be delighted to cheer you on.

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  1. Rhiannon

    May 14th, 2018 at 8:48 pm

    Here’s to hoping you’re tackling your May goals with grit and grace, Kyla! Cheering you on!