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May 10, 2018

Being a Gracious Bride Throughout Your Engagement    

Planning a wedding and preparing for marriage is a season filled with emotion for a bride. Many choices and tasks fall upon you and your beau once that sparkly ring adorns your finger. Whether you’ve had your gown and bouquet dreamt up since you were a little girl or this is the first time you are considering your preferences, planning a wedding can quickly consume a majority of your time, energy, and the conversations you have with those around you without realizing it.

It is often expected that a bride will be busy, stressed, and consumed with wedding planning throughout her engagement. But be encouraged, sweet bride-to-be, your experience does not have to be this way. You can gracefully savor your season of engagement and be a gracious bride instead. It is completely possible to joyfully share this special time with those around you without being consumed by the details and process.

You’re a classic, well-mannered, joyful bride. You’re grateful for your handsome beau and the exciting time you get to share with him, and you shudder at the thought of spending your engagement consumed by the details of planning your wedding.

You realize that your wedding day is not the end of engagement, but rather a beautiful start to married life together. You are eager to share your joys – and stresses – with loved ones, but want to remember to tend to those relationships despite your growing to-do list.  You want to be a gracious bride who surprises and delightsyour loved ones by thoughtfully considering them amidst the preparations for your big day.

In today’s post, I’m going to share a handful of ways to be a gracious bride throughout your engagement so you can savor this season and bless those around you every step of the way without spending a dime.

Consider your groom early and often

As soon as you begin to consider your dreams and preferences for your wedding day, ask your beau for his input and opinion. Define your wedding priorities together and ask him what he envisions for the day you’ll share.

Look for ways to include him in the planning process and delegate tasks to him, instead of directing him to do things a certain way. Your wedding day is a shared celebration of your story together, so approach the planning process together, too, and thoughtfully consider ways to make your wedding a reflection of you both .

Include loved ones whenever you can

Attending a floral consultation? Shopping for the perfect ceremony shoes? Invite your mom, sister, grandmother, or a close aunt to join you. Reach out to your beau’s family members and invite them into your planning process.  Use these appointments and outings as an opportunity to connect, bond, and share a special experience together.

Assembling invitations or favors? Invite your favorite ladies over for wine, cue a fun playlist, and make a night of it!

Gracious tip: If you are inviting a loved one to tag along to a consultation or meeting with a wedding professional, kindly be mindful to keep pairings small and inform the person you’ll be meeting with of who will be joining you.

Ask your mama about her wedding day

Watching her daughter become a bride can be an incredibly special, emotional time for your mom. Invite her into the process and ask her what she liked best about her wedding day, and what she learned through the process. Share an afternoon poring over the pages of her wedding album and ask how she navigated certain aspects of planning that you’d appreciate her guidance on.

Consider the season your friends are in

As you share the highs and lows of wedding planning with your friends, be mindful to consider the season they are in. Perhaps they are walking through a stressful time in their life, are dealing with something hard, or are faithfully praying through singleness. Consider their thoughts and feelings and approach your conversations accordingly. Invite a friend to lunch and ask with genuine interest what they are excited about in their life or what is hard for them right now instead of discussing wedding plans.

Kindly accept help when offered

When you share the joyful news of your engagement, you may be delighted to find many willing loved ones who want to contribute to your day and help in some way. Don’t be afraid to gratefully accept their offer if you can see that it will bring joy to them and take something off your plate. Is your cousin well-known for her love of baking cupcakes? Accept her offer to pitch in with creating your dessert bar! Did your future mother-in-law study hospitality in college and would swoon at the thought of helping plan your bridal shower? Connect her with your maid of honor!

There are many ways to bless and encourage those around you as you prepare for your wedding day. With a little forethought and consideration, you can be remembered by your loved ones as a gracious bride who delighted those around her throughout her season of engagement and made them feel valued and loved.

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