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May 15, 2018

My Morning Routine

I used to be a wishful morning person, dreaming longingly of waking up with the sun to savor the first moments of the day instead of rushing out the door. When I attended Making Things Happen in the fall of 2016, we were encouraged to define our ideal day. In doing so, we were asked to imagine our day in detail from the moment we wake up until the moment we fall asleep. From there, we defined what we would like each aspect of our day to look like. I immediately knew that creating a consistent morning routine would be a foundational component of my ideal day.

Inspired by that exercise and this post by my friend Nancy Ray, I created a morning routine that I now truly enjoy and look forward to. I have followed this routine almost daily for a year and half with very few exceptions. Ideally, I would allow more time for this in the morning (and would add a workout in there!), but this current season of life requires that I be out to the door by 7 am. Even so, mornings a true gift and delight to me as I start each day!

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Wake up and pour a cup of coffee

One of my favorite little pleasures is sipping a warm cup of coffee first thing in the morning. Ever since I made this little investment early last year, I have woken up to the smell of ready-made hot coffee. The first thing I do when I wake up each day is to turn on a lamp in our living room, and then fill my mug in the kitchen.

Open the blinds to peek at the sunrise

Most recently, the sun has been peeking through the window right at 6 am, so I’ve been leaving the blinds down. But most any other time of the year, I open the blinds right up and watch the sky lighten into a beautiful pink and orange hue. On warmer mornings, I’ll also open the window to enjoy the breeze and the birds chirping outside.

Light a candle

I bring my mug over to the end table beside my favorite spot on the couch and light a candle. Most recently I’ve been enjoying this one from my friend Alyssa, but my most favorite scents are found in the fall (Leaves forever, y’all).

Cozy up on the couch

With my candle lit, my coffee poured, and light streaming in, I cozy up on my favorite corner of the couch. I always keep a little quilt nearby in case I get cold, but the warmer weather has made for lovely mornings without it!


Invite God into my day

Before I do anything else, I say a brief prayer to invite God into my day and ask him to reveal what He wants for me to see in that day’s scripture reading. I often think of my morning routine as my daily date with Jesus, so I like to acknowledge Him before I dig into His Word.


Read scripture

I used to always get stuck on this aspect of my morning routine, as I lacked direction with what to read or where to begin. Dillon and I made it our goal this year to read the entire Bible in 2018, a first for me. We’ve been following this plan and it has been opening my eyes to the big picture of the Bible as a whole.


Read a few pages of a non-fiction book

Once I’ve finished that day’s scripture reading, I like to read 5-10 pages of a non-fiction book. My favorite types of books cover productivity, business foundations, and personal finance. I am currently reading What’s Best Next and most recently finished Growth Hacker Marketing.


Get ready for the day

I usually spend about 15-20 minutes styling my hair, applying makeup, and getting dressed for the day before heading out the door. I usually drink a bottle of water and listen to a fun Spotify playlist during my drive to wake up even more and start the day feeling refreshed.


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